Sunday, December 4, 2011

Football cartoon books

To be honest: I know almost nothing about football (soccer)  players, their clubs  and the competitions they play in. I know the rules of the game and it's only when the World Cup is played that I become an addict of the game.

Football cartoons are interesting me more. I saw on TV the UEFA Europa League is on now and I thought it's the moment to present some  football cartoon books you might enjoy.

In 'le foot' (football) by Mordillo, the legendary football player Pelé writes in the introduction: " I realise that football can be a source of humor..." The cartoons below prove this statement.

Mordillo 'Le Foot' (Glénat,  isbn 2-7234-3814-7, 2002):

Mordillo 'Le Foot' (Vents d'Ouest, isbn 2-8696-7591-7, 1997)

Faszinatiion Fussball - Cartoon und Karikatur - Stuttgart Award 2006  (Fifa World Cup Germany 2006)

Hat Trick - Zagreb 1998 - the 4th Biennal Internatioal cartoon exhibition:

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