Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The foolish and evil Santa Clauses - Les Pères Noël bêtes et méchants

Ho ho ho...

Four of the most cruel and fun books I have, are the 'foolish and evil' (bêtes et méchants) series by Patrick Larme (Lyon, France) and Michel Monteil. I still remember the AH - AHA - HAHA Erlebnis I had , buying two of the four little books in Fnac Lille years ago.

The books aren't cartoon books as such, and the drawer is a comic strip artist and an illustrator, but the humor is universal and I really like artists who can make someone laugh without using (many) words in their cartoons, drawings or gags.

This time of year suites good to present "Les Pères Noel bêtes et méchants" with  its specific kind of humor.

Merry X-Mas to all our readers!
(with special thanks to Patrick Larme for his kind permission)

Other books in this series are:

Les Gobelins bêtes et méchants (goblins)

Les fantômes bêtes et méchants (ghosts)

Les Sorcières bêtes et méchants (witches)

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