Friday, July 23, 2010

Waterloo, Napoleon, Folon, a bike and cartoon books

Waterloo - the lion

When I'm on holiday I like cycling and I prefer to combine this with a touch of culture. If I can gain some inspiration for a blog article with a link to some cartoon books, then surely my trip is a success.

way to the Foundation Folon
I cycled last in the region of the Waterloo battlefield (south of Brussels) and on my route was the Folon Foundation, located in the magnificent park of La Hulpe.

Fondation Folon - entrance

The first time I heard of Folon was by seeing some cartoons of him (subject: the Belgian world exhibition in 1958) in an old cartoon book (Diogenes, 1960). In fact Folon is not known as a cartoonist (Some of his drawings were on the cover of The New Yorker, Time Magazine, etc) , but as an illustrator and artist. Some of his illustrations however make me think at cartoon art of some east european cartoonists.

Cartoon 60 - with cartoon work by Folon, Loriot, Bosc,
Chaval, Sempé, Catrinus, Flora, Ungerer, etc....

Quite rare: Folon cartoons - Atomium Brussels

I was eager to learn more about him.
The visit to the Fondation Folon was very nice and I would recommend it to all art lovers.

And for the Napoleon cartoon lovers, I present some cartoons out of the book "International Cartoon Contest - a part of the project Autsterlitz 2005 - Czech Republic". The Catagory A constest had Napoleon as theme.

cover: cartoon by Strzelczyk Daniel, Poland

Pietrzik Zbigniew (Byjo) , Poland

Ayres Junqueira Erico, Brasil

Kazanevsky Vladimir, Ukraine

3rd Prize, Bouton Bernard, France

Learn more:
Folon Art (Google Images)

Fondation (recommended!)
Folon Biography (English) and some art

For the Napoleon part:
Battle of Waterloo

Cartoonbook files:

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