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Playboy cartoons - Phil Interlandi (1924-2002)

Yes, as you well might know, Playboy magazine is read for its articles and cartoons ;-) ! One of the famous American Playboy cartoonists was Phil Interlandi.
Interlandi said once: "The cartoonist is a writer-director-producer, all in one. He writes the script, casts the parts, designs the sets and costumes, plans the camera angles. it's capsule theater, a one-frame movie."

and "Another thing about Playboy is that is gives cartoons the emphasis they deserve. Before Playboy, cartoons had been mostly relegated to the back pages of magazine, just little postage-stamps-size fillers. Playboy gives them prominence- size, space, color."

"Playboy’s Phil Interlandi",(Playboy Press Chicago,1971) is a collection of the best of PLAYBOY cartoons - all of them by Phil Interlandi.

Seeing the Playboy album above,  Jean-Marie sent me this additional info (merci Jean-Marie):

Phil Interlandi wasn't only a naughty cartoonist for Playboy. Living in Laguna Beach (California), he published in The Laguna Beach Post, during the years 50-60, a long series of cartoons under the general title "Lagunagrins", depicting the life of this popular resort. It was there that he made work as an excellent humorist, but also as a fine sociologist.
Two collections of his drawings there, were published in paperback, one in 1955 (self-published) and one in 1961 (published by his newspaper).
At that time, Phil Interlandi's was also published in: Look, True, Better Homes & Gardens, This Week, Saturday Evening Post, Ladies's Home Journal, Esquire, Suburbia Today, McCall's, Parade, Mad, Hilton Carte Blanche, Maclean's.

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