Sunday, February 21, 2010

Contemporary cartoon in China - Introduction

Article by JMB - first article in a series about Chinese Cartoon books

"The world is full of foreigners" (French colloquial joke)

The reading of foreign cartoon books is particularly interesting for discovering different subjects as well as seeing more graphic styles. The trouble comes when the possible captions are not in a language one can understand. Glory to cartoon without caption!
Well… once such books read, sometimes a collector cannot record any data about them. How can a westerner write a bibliography when a book is printed without any Latin letter?

The Cyrillic alphabet, if not really translated, can be transferred (letter by letter / or sounds’ letter by letters) into the Latin one. I suppose the same thing could be done with the Arabic alphabet (harder task, I never tried). This is an option. But how about the Far-East ideograms? Here, it is quite impossible. Nevertheless; it would be a pity to deny oneself the pleasure of entertaining with such cartoons coming from important nations like China.

China in Cartoons Exhibition
- January - March 2010 in the ECC

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