Sunday, June 21, 2009

Humorous Victorian Spot Illustrations

A nice book I found earlier this year on the "Boekenfestijn" in Kortrijk is this "Victorian" cartoon book:

The celebrated British humor magazine Punch; or the London Charivari enjoyed immense favor in the 19th century for the high level of its artwork. Its satirical cartoons were rambunctious and perceptive, reflecting the diverse tastes and interests of the British middle class.

For this new, appealing collection of humorous Victorian illustrations, noted artist Carol Belanger Grafton has sifted through thousands of superb illustrations that graced the pages of Punch from 1841-1914. She has specially selected over 1000 drawings for their humor, quality, and adaptability to modern graphic usage. Versatile and amusing images by such masters as George du Maurier, Linley Sambourne and Randolph Caldecott address a wide range of topics and are organized by theme. Find delightful and different portrayals of dancing policemen, outlandish insect-inspired coiffures, inebriated musicians, and much more, in categories including:

Men, Grooming, Hats, Women, Sports and Pastimes, Food and Drink, Children,Art, Books, Reading, Writing ,Weapons and Fighting, Music, Transportation, Telephones, The Zodiac, Umbrellas ...and more

Every illustration in this book is copyright-free and immediately usable for a variety of applications. Artists, illustrators, designers, and craftspeople will find these witty illustrations ideal for advertising, flyers, posters, decoupage, greeting cards—any project requiring a touch of whimsy.

Original Dover (1985) publication. 1049 black-and-white illustrations selected from Punch, 1841-1914. iv + 123pp. Preface. Table of Contents. Paperbound.

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