Sunday, June 14, 2009

On the edge... an exam cartoon book

It's the time of year: students are preparing for their 'examinations'. In 1983, the examinations group of the Belgian university of Leuven organised a cartoon contest for its students, staff members and academics. The purpose of the contest was to create a way to combat stress and frustrations due to examinations, by creativity and humor. Two factors which tend not to be present during exams.

On the edge... exam cartoon book (1985)
cover by GAL, famous Belgian cartoonist

I got this book a few years ago from a friend a mine who studied in Leuven at that time... and now I present this rare specimen to you. The book was published in 1985 and it contains some good cartoons if you ask me.
Googling the names of the former students-amateur cartoonists, I found out that some of them have a successful career now. Maybe some still draw cartoons nowadays, who knows.

'Philosophy exam'
Van Heucke Ludwig (now a clergyman?)

Haspenslagh Marc (now a Docter?)

Hennebert Mechtilde (now a ?... artist...)

Van Heucke Ludwig (clergyman?)

Michielsen Dominique (now an academic?)

Quaghebeur Mark (now a lawyer?)

Lepoutre Bernard (now an archtitect?)

Theys Erik (now a Docter?)

'Applied Science exam '
by Van Heucke Ludwig

Van Heucke Ludwig

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