Saturday, September 6, 2008

Lavado Joaquin Salvador better known as Quino

I learned to know the great Quino by accident. Years ago I received some cartoon books from Iran (book swapping) and amongst it there was a Persian Quino booklet edited by the The House of Cartoon in Tehran.

Quino, born in Argentina in the same year as Guillermo Mordillo, deserves a place in every cartoon book collection. He is best known for his popular Mafalda strip, but his cartoon work is very impressive too. You'll find everything about Quino on his website, so I will keep it short here. Unfortunately, the English version of the site doesn't work quite well.
On the Quino site, there is a list of almost all his publications by country. His work is published in Argentina, Brasil, Spain, Italy, France, Greece, Portugal, Mexico, Taiwan and China. They forgot to mention Germany, Holland and Iran. I'll make that good in this article.
Quino books can easily be found on eBay. Don't forget Mafalda is a comic strip... so try his cartoon books. Enjoy the world of Quino!

German Quino cartoon book edition (Lappan,1985)

Dutch Quino book - (Mondria, 1982):

Back side of the book:
French Quino cartoons (Glénat, 2002):

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Quino at Wikipedia

Quino cartoonbook files:

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