Sunday, September 21, 2008

Cartoon Festival Knokke-Heist 2008 - PART 1 - some photos

Today I visited the Knokke-Heist cartoon exhibition. After a nice bike trip , I had 1 flat tire, I eventually reached Knokke. I looked forward seeing the art of Sebastian Krüger, one of the greatest artists in caricature living today, who had an exhibition area on the festival.

These are the winners... Pawel Kuczynski, Pol Leurs and Moacir Gutteres...

When you visit an exhibition, don't try to make pictures with a cheap camera. Sorry Pol, we'll have to do it with this picture (visit the website of bronze hat winner Pol Leurs to see his work)

Some pics of the Press Cartoon Section:

The Sebastian Krüger exhibition: you'll recognize Jimmy Hendryckx and some Rolling Stones

This is a very nice cartoon I spotted for people wanting to know how to make money:

cartoon by Ahmet Aykanat, Turkey

Coming soon... part 2 : the books (what did you expect?)


Ben Heine said...

Hello Jan,
thx for your recent visits and comments. I see you're also working hard on your blog and you're keping your passion alive. I hope we meet soon again! Tot ziens

Jean-Marie said...

Even Sarkozy was there... in caricature (as Napoleon wearing a cow-boy hat). He is everywhere anyway. Be brave, European people!