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Tour de France cartoons: Thomas Pips by Léo De Budt (Buth) - Stage 1

Léo de Budt (Ghent, Belgium , 1919) is a gifted artist. As a student of Frits Van den Berghe he won the ‘prix de Rome’.
He is best known as ‘Buth’, the cartoonist who in 1946 in the popular newspaper 'Het Volk' started with the character ‘Thomas Pips’. A year later he started drawing the cycling adventures of Pips in the Tour de France. His sports cartoons which were very popular during the Tour, daily appeared in the sports pages of 'Het Volk'. In 1962 there was a separate Tour newspaper 'Rondegazetje', that was sold in the eve on the streets. In it, there was always an event from the tour stage of that day translated into a cartoon.
In his Tour de France cartoons there was always a little mouse (sometimes 2) hidden. Seeking that mouse has nestled in the collective memory of the children of that time, including myself.
(Source: flyer exhibition Buth. vader van Thomas Pips en andere muizenissen…)

Being successfull, some Thomas Pips cartoon books were to be published. The first one was 'Thomas Pips in de Ronde van Frankrijk - 80 cartoons door Buth'. There is no publication date mentioned in the book, but I guess it was published in 1971 or 1972.

Find the mouse:

Nowadays Thomas Pips is still popular in Flanders. In 'Het Nieuwsblad' (newspaper) a series of Thomas Pips cartoons reappears during the Tour 2008. Find the mouse! ... and win a price! (daily Thomas Pips cartoon during the Tour 2008 - click on DOE MEE)
This is what I saw in the newspaper yesterday (July 4):

I visited the Buth exhibition in Ghent (Nov 30- Febr 17, 2008). I was overwhelmed by the variety, the quantity and quality of the art Léo De Buth performed in his career. Here are some pics of the exhibiton.

In a next post, I'll introduce to you some more Thomas Pips Tour de France cartoon books.

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