Friday, July 11, 2008

Satyrykon Legnica 1979-2007 + 2008

2008 catalogue cover

Legnica's SATYRYKON is a unique and unrivalled event in Poland. The American magazine "Witty World" included it among 10 best festivals awarding it its Grand Prix, and FECO (The Federation of Cartoonist Organisation) awarded it its maximum "5 star" note.
On its website, you can read the full history of Satyrikon.

Elzbieta Pietraszko, curator of the exhibition and
managing director (right) and interpreter (left)

For the moment, the exhibition of 30 years Satyrykon 1979-2007 can be seen till Sept 28, 2008 in the ECC in Kruishoutem. It shows the collection of (replicas) awarded works. I was really surprised by the quality of the exhibited works. Satyrykon is topclass indeed.

Satyrykon 2008 catalogue

There is a small exhibition catalogue (12 pages) , showing 24 gold winning cartoons and telling the history of Satyrykon in English and French.

Of course, there is the Satyrykon 2008 catalogue too, with selected works of Lex Drewinski, Alessandro Gatto, Pawel Kuczynski and many many other very taleted cartoonists. A must have!
All the award winning cartoons from 1977 till 2008 can be seen here.
On the Satyrykon site, you also find a list of all the exhibition catalogues.

Click here to see more ECC exhibition pics.
During the Satyrykon Exhition, there is a splendid exhition of cartoonist Stef Provijn too.

Some Satyrykon catalogue covers:

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