Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cartoons in the Belgian Comic Strip Center, Brussels?

Holiday! Time to take the train and visit the Belgian Comic Strip Center in Brussels. As a cartoon lover, I was wondering if there were also signs of cartoons in this temple of comic strip. Belgium is famous for its comic strips and I recommend everybody to visit this place in a really beautifull Art Nouveau building. I didn't expect anything about cartoons, but to my surprice, here's what I noticed.
In The Treasure 2 original cartoons of Serge Ernst were shown.
I am a real fan of his cartoons, although he's a comic strip artist, so that made my day. Further in the exhition I found art of Kamagurka and Avoine.

2 orginal cartoons of Serge Ernst


Last but not least I visited the large comic strip study library of the Center. I can state that more than 50.000 comic strips is a lot of books! Searching trough the books, I found the "cartoon books" corner: a modest 30 to 40 books.

The library with its...
cartoon section.

Every cartoon lover could only dream of such a museum dedicated to cartoon. Fortunately we have the ECC: not as big, not in Brussels,not with a huge budget, but surely with a big and warm heart for cartoons and cartoonists!

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