Saturday, June 7, 2008

Unbelievable! Cartoons about men and religion

In Holland, our cartoon friends have a cartoon festival too. Each year a new catalogue is published and most catalogues are still available.

Pavel Constantin - Romania

The 15th edition (2007) theme was 'men and religion' and the catalogue is again a nice collection of cartoons about a sometimes contested topic.
The book's introduction states it that way:

Is our neighbors' lawn always greener than ours? Is their house bigger? Do they have a nicer car or more pleasant children? Are we jealous? Do we like their culture? Can we laugh with them?
Are they religious? Is one religion better than another one? Is our faith the only thrue one? Religion, can we really have fun with it? Cartoonists from different countries, from different cultures with different religions, they do. The "true belief" is not easy to hurt.

Lubomir Kotrha - Slowakia

A good cartoonist does not follow any intention to hurt or insult. He provokes, reacts, comments, makes us think and makes us smile. That's his job.
In this book you find a unique collection of cartoons around the theme of men and religion.

Unbelievably funny!

Thanks to Peter Nieuwendijk for his kind permission.

Ali Miraee - Iran

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