Saturday, June 21, 2008 - YouTube for cartoons

Last week I discovered, via the blog of Ben Heine, the site. is a recent Web2.0 site that should interest all of us. It's YouTube (or Picasa, Flicr..) for cartoon lovers and cartoonists! I even heard that there is a project going on that projects the cartoons in the tube (metro) of Berlin.
At the time I write this article, 1044 users and 559 cartoonists already signed in. is a German (Berlin) initiative and I truly recommend you to join it for free. You can sign in as user or cartoonist. Cartoonists can upload their cartoons and show them to the world. You can rate, comment, bookmark cartoons and cartoonists, you have an open diary, can link to your blog or website and there is a discussion forum.

I find it a splendid site and it's a way to discover cartoonists and their work.
But let's not forget that, despite all the digital possibilities, a good cartoon book is certainly not to be missed!

Take a look yourself and discover on Toonpool, for example:
Pawel Kuczynski (Poland)
Ben Heine (Belgium)
Yu Liang (China)
Sergei Elkin (Russia)
Constantin Ciosu (Romania)

and many, many others...

Learn more:
Article about in Stern - in German
English translation (with Google Tranlations)

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Ben Heine said...

Hello Jan!
Great article, thank you!
It was nice to meet you. :)