Monday, June 16, 2008

Assembled Cartoons by Roger Penwill

When I first looked in the book ‘Assembled Cartoons' , without knowing whom Roger Penwill was, spontaneously came to me the idea: "Yes, that’s why I collect cartoon books". A look at this collection just fun, but certainly not trivial, gag cartoons gives me a good feeling. The same feeling as when someone tells me a pleasant joke.

The desert island cartoon: fresh original ideas
for a concept that has been done to death

Roger Penwill is a professional cartoonist and humorous illustrator whose cartoons have been published and exhibited worldwide and even translated into Chinese.
The cartoons in the book are all digital artwork, exept one that’s an ink pen original. I found it without cheating! The book is a selection of previously exhibited, published and award winning cartoons.

At the time this book was produced, Roger was General Presdent of FECO. The slogan of Feco is ‘drawing the world together’ With these cartoons Roger Penwill succeeds wonderfully to obtain this goal.
A booklet certainly not to lack in your collection!
or as Tim Harries says:
“This is a well put together book - the cartoons are very well reproduced - and certainly worth picking up. “

The book is available and it costs 6.95 pounds sterling + postage. Potential purchasers can contact Roger Penwill at roger@penwill. com

Thanks to mr Penwill for his kind permission.

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