Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Pinochet + Mother Theresa = Op De Beeck ?

What do Mother Theresa and Augusto Pinochet have in common? Of course nothing, but they are neighbourgs at the Jan Op De Beeck exhibition in the ECC Kruishoutem.

Jan is a top-class caricaturist, even known more abroad than in his own country Belgium.
Many of Jan Op De Beeck's caricatures were published in the Belgian press. He won many prizes both at home and abroad and is regularly invited to give master classes in caricature.
In 1989 he published his first book 'Bekketrekkers from Belgenland', in 1993 he harvested a lot of success with 'The Last Testament of the Belgians'. ' The Art of the caricature', which in 1996 went to press was even in published in a Korean and Chinese translation. In 2006 'Famous Corpes' was published. For details on this books, you can visit Jan's website.

I have a copy of his book, published by Glénat in 1993 'Het laatste testament der Belgen' (the last testament of the Belgians).
Jacques Schepmans describes how the unfortunate 'Belgian ship' is tossed to and fro on the waves of political storms.

Jan provides in this book over 50 depicting portraits of Belgian politicians.
Yes, he's a great caricaturist!

Some other pics of the exhibition (March 21 - June 15, 2008 ECC Kruisthoutem):

Pierre Ballouhay, Ro Burms and Jan Op De Beeck

Great caricatures!

Learn more:
Cartoonbook file Het Laatste Testament der Belgen

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