Tuesday, January 1, 2008

21.780 cartoonbooks and a Happy New Year

One month after the start of the ECC Cartoonbooks Club, I am happy to tell that our first members have, all together, at least a collection of 18.780 cartoonbooks. When I consider the collection of the ECC, another 3.000 books, I come to a number of 21.780 cartoonbooks: 2 1 7 8 0 ! To be honest, I must admit that amongst our members there are some "big" and "very very big" collectors. If you only have a relative "small" collection or if you just started collecting: don't be overwhelmed by all these numbers.
It just tells us that, and that's the point, you can reckon on the expertise and help of our members and relations when you want to know anything about cartoonbooks. Just ask us any question about cartoonbooks or blog article, and we'll search for you the answer.

Above all I want to thank all the people I corresponded with the last months: collectors, especially JM Bertin, cartoonists, people of the ECC in Kruishoutem. Their friendship was and is is a genuine stimulus.

I hope that in 2008 more cartoonbook lovers will join our Club. Cartoonbooks collecting brings together people from many countries. We already have members in Cuba, Thailand, Turkey, France, Germany, Holland, Luxemburg, Belgium... and people from about 30 countries visited our blog.

So if you are a cartoon lover too, let us know and join the Club now!

Happy and Funny 2008!

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