Monday, January 14, 2008

The Guillermo Mordillo Books - part 1

I am a fan of Guillermo Mordillo and I know many of our readers are Mordillo fans too. There are Mordillo books published in many countries: from Germany and France to Iran, China etc.
But how do all those funny books look like? What was the first real Mordillo book ever published? Where to find Mordillo books? In a series of articles to come, I hope, with your help, to make a list of all the Mordillo cartoonbooks ever published. I'll put a picture of the books online and make cartoonbook files of them if I have the information I need.

How to help? Mail a cover picture of your Mordillo book(s) to if the book isn't mentioned in our Mordillo Book List

Click to see a list of all Mordillo book pictures we have for the moment. Later on I'll sort the book pictures by publication date.

See Mordillo Cartoonbook files for detailed information about the Mordillo books.

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Saskia en Fernand said...

What a fantastic idea!
Just a pitty that there are not so many comments on your articles. It should be fine to have some on line conversations

Jan said...

There is a French saying:
"petit à petit l'oiseau fait son nid"... as more and more cartoon lovers learn to know us, I hope more people will comment.
Where are all those
>Statlers and Walldorfs
to give some comments?