Thursday, December 20, 2007

Online cartoonbook experience

I frequently buy (second hand) cartoonbooks on the internet . Veerle Nauts (Belgium) owns a small online bookshop. I bought several cartoonbooks from her and I am very satified of her service and products. I interviewed her for our blog. If you know some nice online cartoonbook addresses, please let us know!

Veerle, you are selling second hand books online, why do you sell cartoonbooks too?
“I am offering a variety of second hand books. So it is logical that among the other books, there are some cartoonbooks.”

Where do you find those older American cartoonbooks for your shop? I am thinking for example of booklets of Playboy, Chas Adams, Steinberg. Is this a well-kept secret, or can you reveil something to us?
“In fact, the truth is very simple. I buy books in bulk and sometimes there are cartoonbooks in between."

Is there much demand for such books?
“Not so very much. Popular are the books of the cartoon festivals (including Knokke-Heist). The interest is also dependent on the actual familiarity or popularity. Cartoons that appear nowadays in newspapers or magazines, reach a wider audience. Older cartoons be searched only by real lovers.”

What kind of people buy your cartoonbooks?
“People with humor .
It are always very pleasant contacts, either personally or through email.”

What tips can you give our readers still in their quest for cartoonbooks?
“Always make an effort to get the state of the book before you decide to buy. There are many charlatans among sellers who ask a lot of money for books in poor condition .Word of mouth advertising is still the best.
Take your time to make a tour on the net. You'll be amazed at the different prices for the same book.
If you can, go and get the book personally, instead of sending it. So you can see immediately what you buy."

What can cartoonbooks collectors still expect from you ?
"Humor and cartoons remain a part of my assortment. My condition is that the books I sell are quality (used) books in excellent condition."

Learn more:
levigon online bookshop
levigon offers books on yezzz
also on kapaza

Some books I bought from Levigon (click to see cartoonbook file):

Chas Addams

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Jean-Marie Bertin said...

Yes indeed! I am very satisfied too: Mrs Veerle Nauts (the owner of Levigon) is reliable. Her books' descriptions are quite fair, prices are moderate, and her sendings are well protected and prompt. :o))
But... [you know, there is always a 'but'!] :-(
But, although Mrs Nauts' service and books are excellent, the trouble, the only trouble comes from the Belgian mail: its sending rates are abominably high! One must be prepared to pay about as much for postage as for books, from Belgium to France. There is nothing that can be done about it!