Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Cartoonbooks at the Braderie de Lille

The 'hard' way to find cartoonbooks is to visit flee markets. If you like flee markets, don't miss the Braderie de Lille (France). Great atmosphere, great pleasure and every year I find some cartoonbooks there!

Every first weekend of September, since 5 years, I visit the Braderie. It’s the biggest flee market in Europe: more then 100km of booths and stands, a day to nose about, a day to search for cartoonbooks. Even though it’s not easy to find them, you must have a bit of luck eventually. This year I found several early books of Claude Serre, a book by Trez. Some books I had already in my collection, but having doubles is interesting to swap later on. Follow the links to to see a photo impression. Did you ever find a cartoon book on a flee market?
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Braderie Lille 2007 - my photo impression
Braderie Lille 2007 - other impressions by Alain
Official Braderie Site

Some books I found at the braderie - press [ctrl] + click to see Cartoonbook File
Claude Serre
Michel Bridenne
Dessin Drôle

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