Friday, November 30, 2007

Stamps Talking

As promised to the readers of Scherper, the cartoon magazine of ecc-Kruishoutem, hereby some more information about the little booklet where I wrote about: MAD's Talking Stamps.
Actually it is not a real cartoonbook, but nevertheless it’s funny and original. In the book stamps talk to each other or they give remarks or quote. Some are quite funny.
Some examples: a stamp of a viking ship says to a stamp of The Mayflower sailing to America “Don’t waste your time! The place is a big nothing!”. Or a stamp, showing the first man on the moon, saying “Tell mission control it’s Roquefort!”.

[Cartoonbook File]

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Jan said...

With thanks to JM Bertin for his comment:
"Comme vous avez des rapports entre les cartoons et timbres, cela m'a fait penser à un livre de Carelman, paru en 1972. Je vous adresse ces scans de la 1ère de couverture ainsi qu'un exemple de page et j'y joins l'image de la 4e de couverture qui explique tout du projet du dessinateur.
Bien cordialement, JM"
See pictures>