Thursday, November 1, 2007


... the ECC Cartoonbooks Club.

"Just like practicing sports becomes more fun as one gets better trained and making music or painting gives more satisfaction as one masters the technique better, thus unfolds the hobby cartoonbook collecting its charms in the broadest way to the collector who knows more about context, who developes one's skills for gathering what one desires, and has more eye for hidden consistency in the many apparition forms of cartoons, caricature, cartoonbooks, etc. Thus one develops from saver to collector."

If you are a cartoonbooks collector, you're on the right spot! Whether your collection counts 5 or 500 books, whether your age is 9 or 99, you are welcome.

ECC Cartoonbooks Club wants to explore the world of cartoonbooks, share the pleasure of cartoonbook collecting and unite cartoonbooks collectors to share their hobby.

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