Friday, November 30, 2007

The Cartoonbook Files

To inform our readers the best way about cartoonbooks I introduced the “cartoonbook file”.
Additional to a blog post, we can link to an appropriate file called “cartoonbook file” where you get information about the book’s features. Those features are: title, author, cartoonist(s), a picture of the book, ISBN, publication year, publisher, language, number of pages, cartoons, cartoons per page, themes, kind of book, kind of cartoons and so on. In fact it’s a screenprint of a template in my Access 2007 cartoonbook collection database.
In this way information is available in a consistent way.
Any suggestions about the file are welcome.
We are intended to publish a cartoonbook file for every book we are to review in the blog. For that reason we need of course those data. If you want to review a book, you’ll have to send us the book information. To make ik easy, we made a book review form. Just fill in all data and we’ll do the rest to publish the file. The review will be in the blog, the file on a linked location.

[Click to go to cartoonbook file directory and see some examples]

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