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The Standard Model - Le Modèle Standard - science cartoons by Masse

Jean-Marie told me I should know of the book "Le Modèle Standard" by the French artist with the scientific name Francis  "Masse", "mass" in English. (born 1948). So if you like to look at gravitation, the theory of cords, dark matter, the quantum universe... in another way, this is the book you'd like. Mass pays a tribute to Glen Baxter. It is true that their absurd humor is affiliated.

Here is the English translation of the introduction to te book by Masse himself (source: Science et Société)

"Why should a series of drawings have such unattractive title and
theme? Nonsense or provocation?
This book on the one hand deals with The Standard Model (capital
initials), i. e. as conceived by theoretic physics, along with the (lower case)
standard model of cosmology.
These two standard models have a capacity to embody and intimately
enrich each other with no noticeable problem. An arrangement is always at
hand between standard models. As should prevail among balanced opinions.
Why on the second hand should not both standard models be encased
into humour drawings? The latter need not aim at balanced opinions. It is
but a question of how to scale things and in this respect, the span extends
from the size of man to that of his home planet. Which is huge for the
individual, but a trifle when replaced into cosmic dimensions.
Let’s see what it grows into, once injected with all the levels beneath, as
described by quantum physics, and all those above, as described by relativity
and cosmology. With a small shot of Indian ink (not quite coaxing!) to fit all
sizes into a small sheet of paper.
Then here you are: mere bi-dimensional rectangles covered by simple
brush and nib drawings where all sizes between infinitesimal and infinite
are overlaying, encasing, containing, rejecting, according, gravitating,
relativity-sing, exploding, electromagnetism—ing, accelerating and antimatter—
ing. Just as happens in the real world.
The gaping cosmic fright is well hid here. It already peels our eyes.
There’s no stopping the (Indian ink) black hole swallowing us.
Firmly grasp the brush, ladders are henceforth withdrawn..."

You can buy the book in the CERN gift shop (what do you think), if that's a bit too far for you, you can buy it on the web.

The book counts 112 pages , has both French and English captions, is printed in black and withe, size  21, 5 X 30,5 cm., 35 eur,  ISBN 978-2-9534771-6-0.

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