Saturday, August 24, 2013

Stefaan Provijn - STEF Cartoons

Last Friday Belgian cartoonist STEF (Stefaan Provijn) presented his brand new cartoon book  and exhibition in the beautiful village Sint-Martens-Latem (Belgium) where he lives. The guests were welcomed really kindly at the opening.

21 cm x 21 cm and 84 pages, 80 really funny cartoons

Cartoons of Stef can be just very witty, in other cartoons there is a deeper layer  and sometimes Stef is inspired by fairy tales. Enjoy a few examples and you'll notice why Stef is a top cartoonist.

Castle life

Burka Fashion

Stefaan signing copy of his cartoon book

Stefaan is a freelance graphic designer, illustrator and cartoonist. As you see on the pictures below, Stefaan let the guests savour a new Belgian beer called Paljas, brewed by a nephew of the cartoonist.  Stefaan designed the logo with the happy chappie on it, as you can spot on the bottle and drinking glasses.

And yes, the beer tastes like the cartoons of Stef: excellent!

the logo Stefaan designed for the Paljas beer

I think this beer wil become one of my favourites... it tasted excellent
Learn more:
Stefaan Provijn's website
Paljas Blond - great new Belgian beer
Stefaan Provijn - ECC In-House cartoonist 2008

The book costs 15 euro and you can buy it by contacting STEF at

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