Sunday, July 7, 2013

MIXED - Cartoons by Norbert Van Yperzeele

I always tend to say that cartoonists (most of them) are nice people, people you want to drink a glass with. Norbert Van Yperzeele is certainly one of those cartoonists: witty, funny, nice personality. The ECC House Cartoonist of 2013 now has his own exhibition in the ECC. On that occasion, Norbert published his first cartoon book "Mixed". It's a mixed collection of his cartoons on various topics.

Norbert Van Yperzeele - 29 June 2013

Pol Leurs told me that Norbert has a fine technique for drawing hands. It seems that drawing hands is rather difficult for a cartoonist. I chose 2 drawings of Norbert that not only illustrate this technique, but also demonstrate the fine humor in his cartoons.

Personally I find the cartoon below one of the best I've seen in the exhibition (and the book). I recently watched the Belgian movie "Hasta La Vista". It's about  three friends, young men with various handicaps, that want to live their life as it is and make the most of it, despite their condition. This cartoon made think at that film and the integration of disabled people into society. This is a very strong cartoon.

"Da Vinci Adapted" - cartoon by Norbert Van Yperzeele
This social media cartoon  is another example of the great talent of Norbert. 

"Social Media" - cartoon by Norbert Van Yperzeele
The book costs 15 eur (Emka, 21x21cm, 98 pages full color) and is available in the ECC or by contacting Norbert.

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Norbert and the ECC exhibition on AVS Television (Wedn. 03/07/2013)


Unknown said...

What can I say, Jan, Nice comments... And thank you for the flowers! C U.

Unknown said...

Oh, and for anyone wanting to support me by buying MIXED, just mail me on norbertvy@gmail, free shipping! :-)

Norbert aka VYP said...

Oh, and for anyone wanting to support me, MIXED can be ordered by mail to -15€ -. FREE shipping ! :-)))