Saturday, June 29, 2013

International Tourism Cartoons

As we all know Turkey is a country with many touristic assets. But the country also has many cartoon assets. An example is the International Tourism Cartoon Competition that started in 2009.
The objective of the competition is to examine tourism in all its various dimensions.

As many of our readers will go on holiday in a few weeks from now, here's is a nice cartoon selection out of the nice 2012 catalogue. Consider this cartoons before you leave on holiday!

Ahmet Aykanat - Turkey

Carlos Michel Fuentes - Spain

Luc Vernimmen - Belgium

Luc Vernimmen - Belgim

Mahmood Nazari - Iran

Marlene Pohle - Germany

Mehmet Zeber - Turkey

Mohsen Asadi - Iran

Norbert Van Yperzeele - Belgium

Pavel Constantin - Romania

Radko Oketic - Slovenia

Valeriu Kurtu - Germany

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