Sunday, May 26, 2013

DIES Yrrah - Harry Lammertink

Harry Lammertink, better known as YRRAH was a Dutch cartoonist (1932-1996). A few weeks ago, his second cartoon book  'DIES Yrrah' came into my possession. I only paid 1,99 euro for this great 'vintage' cartoon book.  It's published in 1959 (De Arbeiderspers, Amsterdam).

After more than half a century, the cartoons are not outdated and are still witty. In a next post I'll present another book and I'll show some of his cartoons draw from the frog perspective, typical for his drawing style.

cyclist drinking cartoon
Yrrah - cyclist cartoon

chief editor cartoon napoleon
Yrrah - Chief Editor cartoon

fakier cartoon snake
Fakir cartoon

buckingham palace cartoon
guard cartoon

london transport bus cartoon
London transport cartoon

priest cartoon
priest cartoon

Yrrah psychiatrist cartoon

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