Thursday, May 16, 2013

Antiques in shards - Antike in Scherben ... impressions after a visit to the Louvre

Yesterday I've been visiting the brand new Louvre museum in Lens - France. It's a branch of the "big" Louvre in Paris. The architecture of the modern building is quite impressive and the collection shows lots of masterpieces.  Seeing the the ancient greek pottery shown in the "Galley of Time" ,made me think of a cartoon book I recently acquired: "Antike in Scherben " by Neprakta,  pseudonym of artis Jiri Winter (1924-2011).   Book reference: Artia Praha, Czechoslovakia, 1961.

beaucoup de monde for a Wednesday morning...

small amphora...
very big one... 
Ancient pottery art versus cartoon art... like it!

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