Sunday, April 7, 2013

Utopia by Michael Kountouris and Vampir by Vangelis Pavlidis

I remember the excellent exhibition "Rhodoscartoons" that took place in the ECC form July till September 2012. The cartoons by Michael Kountouris and Vangelis Pavlidis were great to look at.
We were informed by Cartoon Ark that the cartoonists published 2 new books:

First, there is "VAMPIR", by Vangelis Pavlidis:

"...Your ironical look on the joys of everyday life and the misfortunes in the vampires’ society rewarded us with true delight and high spirits.
The subject matter allows a number of creative interpretations with this predatory `species’ – fortunately, the brainchild of human superstition..."

€15.00 EUR
72 pages full illustrated with drawings by Vangelis Pavlidis.
ISBN 978-960-973-403-5
Size 26x19
Second, there's "UTOPIA" by  Michael Kountouris

"The book contains various sketches that are inspired by the public profile of the European Union and its progress, mainly through the last years.

The sketches have been published at “Efimerida ton Syntakton” and other newspapers. They have also been republished by great international news agencies (CagleCartoons and Courrier International) and they have been awarded during the International Biennale EUROHUMOR 2003 (Italy) and the WorldPress Cartoon 2013 (Portugal)."

€12.00 EUR
64 pages full illustrated book with political cartoons, about the "Future of Europe", by Michael Kountouris.
ISBN 978-960-973-400-4
Size 23x21 cm

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