Tuesday, April 2, 2013

David Pugliese CARICATURAS

Caricaturist David Pugliese released his brand new book "David Pugliese CARICATURAS",a book that compiles over 10 years of his work as a caricaturist.
Designed by his wife Jesica Cichero, it was conceived as a gallery-book and has 144 pages in full color, with texts both in english and spanish.

Great personalities such as Socrates, Elvis, Nikola Tesla, San Martin, Amy Winehouse and Berlusconi, all live together in this collection.
The book has been published in Greece by Cartoon Ark, an online store that brings great artists of humor and illustration.

It can be purchased via internet at:

If you want to take a look, you can see some photos here:

Hope you enjoy it!
Thanks David for letting us know about this relaese and keep on making great caricaturenç

David Pugliese 

Elvis by David Pugliese

David Pugliese

€21.00 EUR

144 pages full illustrated with caricatures by David Pugliese.
ISBN 978-960-973-404-2

Size 21x29 cm

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