Thursday, July 26, 2012

Olympic Humor cartoons by Blachon and Serre

The Olympic Games 2012 in London are 100% English, but the cartoon books below are draw by 100% French cartoonists.

If humor was an olympic discipline,  the French Roger Blachon (1941-2008) and Claude Serre (1938-1998) would certainly have earned gold medals.

Roger Blachon was one of the greatest sport cartoonists ever... enjoy some cartoons of him to come into the spirit of the olympic games... (Mehr Spass Beim Sport, Eichborn, 1992, ISBN 3-8218-2118-3/ and Dessins Sportifs Tome1 , Glénat Humour, 2002, ISBN 2-7234-4035-4)

The cartoon above is the first cartoon of Blachon published in 1985 in 'l Equipe Magazine. He got some bad reactions such as 'I find your sence of humor not funny at all' and 'it's scandalous  to publish such a drawing in an interesting magazine...>' 

Of course, we cartoon lovers, know better...

In 'Le Sport', (Glénat, 1977, ISBN 2-7234-0071-9) Claude Serre, drew some other great sports cartoons...

Of course, the Belgian cartoonists must not be forgotten. Please read the article on the ECC blog about Olympic cartoons in the Belgian House at het 2012 Olympics in London.
You can admire some great cartoons by Cost, Jan Dufour, Nicola Hendrickx, etc...

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