Monday, February 20, 2012

101 Uses for a condom - Condomania by Peter Maddocks

I missed a post on Valentine's day but now the carnival season is near.
The place in the world to be for Carnival is Rio in Brazil. I read that the government of Rio de Janeiro will distribute more than 3.000.000 free condoms during Carnival.

I don't know if there exist carnival cartoon books, but condom cartoon books exist. I even have one: Condomania by Peter Maddocks (Robson Books, UK, 1987, ISBN 0-086051-451-X). Fun with condoms...

At the back of the book you can read:
"This is truly a book of our times! Wickedly funny, it is also a guide to the real possibilities of condoms in daily life. It is certainly more informative than the TV ads...
Peter Maddocks has worked in Fleet Street for 30 years, appears regularly in the Sunday Express, Daily Telegraph and Mail on Sunday.
At first tempted to issue this book anonymously, he was emboldened to put his name to this very funny collection of cartoons when his son reminded him that he is, after all, a hardened veteran of the street of shame..nevertheless he claims that Condomania comes 'from a disgusting idea by Simon Maddocks'!"

ps: the place to be for carnival in Belgium is the city of Aalst!

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