Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rodney Pike and his superb celebrity caricatures

Using Facebook, I recently discovered the work of Rodney Pike (rwpike). As I am a man who loves cartoon books, the paper stuff, I must admit that I adore this digital art. The caricatures are amazingly realistic. This is world class!
I hope you like his work too.

See this 50 Superb Celebrity Caricatures  (+interview)  and convince yourselve.

"My work is a bit different than your average photo manipulator. I do all sorts of photo manipulation but photo-manipulated caricatures; political satire and caricature illustration is really where I’m at right now. I specialize in photo-manipulated caricatured illustrations perfect for magazines, books, posters etc. I also do caricature portraits." (Rodney Pike)

Bean by artist Rodney Pike
The Rolling Stones by Rodney Pike

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