Sunday, March 13, 2011

Rare cartoon books?

Every collector, whether he collects stamps, Dinky Toys, teabags, coins or even cartoon books is happy to have some rare specimen in his collection. I asked myself if we could present some rare cartoons books on our blog. I asked Jean-Marie if he could help.

He asked me what I meant with a 'rare' cartoon book?

- Is it a book from a little-known artist with a small diffusion?
- Is it a rare book because of a limited edition?
- Is it a rare book because copies have been destroyed?
- Is it a rare book because you can't find it through regular commercial channels?
- Is it a rare book because it's sale was forbidden? (e.g. antisemitic propaganda, pornography)
- Is it a rare book because it's really old?
- Is it a book from a known artist but rarely mentioned in the bibliographies of the author?
 -Is it a book with a particularly original presentation?

Let's go and search for it and I hope we can present to you some very interesting books in next posts.
And if you know of some rare cartoon books: let us know.

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Anonymous said...

Good idea
allez Jean Marie, étonne-moi
Claude H.

Stephen Worth said...

My favorite rare cartooning book is Eugene Zimmerman's 20 volume correspondence course of cartooning and caricature. It's the only example I've found that really teaches how to "think" like a cartoonist. There were two editions, both available only as mail order from the author. Complete sets are very rare. I reprinted the course in limited copies and it sold out very quickly. It's important to get old rare books back into circulation. I wish I had more money to republish landmark books.