Saturday, January 1, 2011

La Bouffe (The Food) by Claude Serre

The great French cartoonist Claude Serre (1938-1998) published 'La Bouffe' in 1982.
X-mas, New Year... a part of it has to do with food and drink.  Some of the cartoons below may look familiar to most of us in this period of year.

The drinker ... based on The Thinker by Rodin

The last supper by Claude Serre (click to enlarge)

In the cartoon above, Claude Serre drew many of this friends of HA! (Les Humoristes Associés).
Thanks to some research by Jean-Marie, we know who is who in this cartoon:

In the front, left, pointing his nose in the direction of the door : Avoine ..., followed by, from left to right :
Blachon, Nicoulaud, Fred (?), Serre, Siné, Loup , Lacroix (who is serving Jezus Christ), Barbe, Mose, Laville, Napo (back), Soulas, Bridenne, Sabatier.

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