Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Vips Too - Very Important Paintings by Karl Meersman (2010)

Karl Meersman is one of my favorite artists and if you look well at his drawings you'll know why. This is world class...
I adored his new book VIPS TOO.

Amy Winehouse by Karl
"VIPS TOO is the splendid successor to the first book 'Very Important Paintings'. With current affairs as his source of inspiration, Karl draws cartoons of the big names in society and reduces VIPs to common people. Karl relativizes the do's and don'ts in the vain world of film, music, entertainment and politics. VIPS TOO is a compilation of 100 brilliant cartoons which, through gentle satire and imagination, bring a contended smile to people's faces... Karl Meersman is the house cartoonist of Focus Knack an Trends Magazine."
(Roularta Books, Belgium,2010, ISBN 978 90 8679 358 7)

Opel Antwerp by Karl

Bart de Wever and Elio Di Rupo by Karl

Sarkozi, Merkel, Verhofstadt, Barosso, Van Rompuy... by Karl

Charles Darwin by Karl

Bono 50 by Karl

Valentine's Day by Karl

Woody Allen by Karl

You can see many other cartoons out of the book on the artist's website. This is a lovely  book to give away as a nice present...

Video: artist Karl Meersman (VIP exposition Ghent, 2008)

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