Friday, November 19, 2010

Larry on Larry: My Life in Cartoons

This book (Park Art 1994, ISBN: 978-0-94881786 0)  is a self portrait in words and pictures of the life and art of Britain's best loved cartoonist Terence 'Larry' Parkes (1927-2003).

Rodin's Vet cartoon by Larry

There are chapters as Larry at School, Larry on Holiday, Larry at Church, Larry on the Workers, etc...
I really like his cartoon parodies on art, such as his real funny Rodin cartoons.

Rodin's Roofing Contractor cartoon by Larry

Rodin's Hot Bath-Water cartoon by Larry

Rodin's Golfer cartoon by Larry
On the Official Larry website, you can download a few screen savers by Larry
"Commissioned by the Energy Efficiency Officeand carrying environmentally-friendly energy saving messages, the Screen Saver has delightful scenes of animated Larry humour."

Steve Bell on Larry:
"For single cartoons Larry has always been the tops because he gets his ideas across with a minimum of words and drawing, and because he has the most dreadpan sense of humour in the business."

Mark Bryant on Larry (obituary -
"Larry was once described by the former Punch editor Alan Coren as "the only great silent comedian still in business". For more than half a century his distinctive and instantly recognisable captionless cartoons brightened the pages of countless newspapers and magazines, both in Britain and overseas. Admired and respected by his contemporaries, he was also one of the most successful and original cartoonists of his generation."

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