Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Les Humoristes 1830-1930 (The Humourists)

One of the books I found at the Braderie de Lille 2010 was "Les Humoristes 1830-1930", prefaced by Jean-Pierre Dhainault (Les éditions de l'Armateur, 1999).

Jean-Marie told me that this book is the reissue of a volume in a series of booklets titled « Les Maîtres Humoristes » (The Master Humourists) published between 1906 and 1909. The title of this reissue is improper because there is nothing post-1909 and the drawings of the nineteenth century are clearly post-1830.

Nevertheless, for 5 euro I got more than 800 pages of French vintage caricatures and cartoons, drawn by some of France's greatest caricaturists at that time:

Ferdinand Bac (1989-1952)


Jeff said...

Nice find. This is my favorite Hermann-Paul cartoon: A Firing Squad. It was published in 1898 when the political left had a very low opinion of the army.

Jan said...

Thanks Jeff. I'll link to the Hermann-Paul project website!