Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Braderie de Lille 2010: a collector' s paradise ?

Begin September I spent a day at the Braderie de Lille (France). 100 km of stalls and a bright sun... al the ingredients were there to have a very nice day to noose around.

As you can see below, collectors of all kinds can find some objects for their collections.

Even the (cartoon) book collectors can find something they might be interested in... but It isn't always easy to find the kind of book you're looking for:

Eventually I found several books I already had in my collection for a reasonable price.
I also found the books 'Commerces and Commerçants', a collection of drawings by Daumier and the book 'Les Humoristes - 1830-1930' , which I could buy for a real low price. I'll present these books in a next post.

Learn more:
Braderie de Lille 2010 in picturs (newspaper La Voix du Nord)

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