Saturday, April 10, 2010

Quotes and Cartoons in Das grosse Lebenshilfe Buch

Sometimes cartoons are used to illustrate books. One of such books is 'Das grosse Diogenes Lebenshilfe Buch' (Diogenes, Zürich, 1979, ISBN 3-257-79034-1, 290 p.). Translated, the title means 'The big Diogenes LifeHelp Book'. It's a very SMALL book with 333 quotes and proverbs about life. This booklet is illustrated with some cartoons by the famous cartoonists Bosc, Chavel, Loriot and Tomi Ungerer.

There is a strange thing in the book on page 34 there is a Bosc cartoon, signed 'Chaval'!

a BIG book

Bosc cartoon, signed Chaval

Tomi Ungerer


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