Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Almanach du Dessin de Presse 2010

Article by JMB

The Almanach du Dessin de Presse really amazed me. I did not expect such a book, so big, so full, and so varied. Too much is almost too much! Even for an "optical glutton" like me, it took time to be read in small doses. Indeed, its lay out is really tight (all pages are full up), but obviously this book’s buyer gets plenty in quality and quantity. It's not like those cartoon albums sold for 15 € (or more) which are read in 5 or 6 minutes. Here the price is double but it is amply justified. This wonderful and wide panorama of 2009, as seen from 120 French cartoonists (with few foreigners), is a hardcover book of 192 full color pages, perfectly printed on good paper (it weighs 1,4 Kg!). One must congratulate Nalair, the Feco France president, and J-M Renault, both editors, for the great work they have done. Important note: this French book has full text in English too and it was done with the support of the well known association "Reporters Sans Frontières". The Feco France plans to publish such a book every year, so let us wish this first Almanach du Dessin de Presse the success it deserves.

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