Saturday, January 30, 2010

Le Rire, former French humor magazine

Le Rire, or "Laughter," was a successful humor magazine published from October 1894 through the 1950s. (and some time after) Founded in Paris during the Belle Époque by Felix Juven, Le Rire appeared as typical Parisians began to achieve more education, income and leisure time. Interest in the arts, culture and politics intensified during the Gay Nineties. Publications like this helped satisfy such curiosity. It was the most successful of all the "Journaux Humoristiques." (wikipedia)

You can consult all editions of Le Rire between 1894 and 1903 in PDF here.

This book I recently bought on the internet, is a collection of a series Le Rire magazines from March 1960 (number 102) till March 1964 (number 150). It contains some cartoons by the great Tetsu and other leading French cartoonists of that time.



One of that artists is Robert Lassalvy (1932-2001). Some light erotic cartoons of him are in the magazine. He often draws Brigitte Bardot-like woman.

- No, I don't hunt wild animals, but men.

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