Saturday, January 16, 2010

Claude Serre: the official website

Discover or rediscover the work of one the most talented French cartoonist Claude Serre (1938-1998) by visiting the new website dedicated to him.

The official website of Serre is directed by the author's family and is very complete.
There is a list of his albums, collaborations, publications, a biography, some goodies and many cartoons on this website. The site is in French and I think a English version would be very appropriate.

If you want to buy cartoon books by Serre, it will not be difficult to find his books.

Did you know there is a Claude Serre Facebook page? Only 154 fans (on 16 January 2010)... so if you visited his website... become a fan too!
There is a Facebook group too: 123 members (16/1/2010)

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