Saturday, May 30, 2009

U.C.O. – Unusual Cartoon Objects (part 2)

Article by JMB
alsee see: U.C.O. (part 1)

Formerly, we mentioned several various cartoon mediums: paper, pasteboard and cardboard. Now, let us see some much odder cartoon items, that I name U.C.O: Unusual Cartoon Objects.

Let us begin by a really original thing that I received at the Season’s Greetings 2006. It is a wall tile specially designed for this purpose by my friend Jean-Pierre Barnaud, a French architect and a cartoon lover.

A "greetings card" in ceramics (15cm x 15cm).

Much standard are the pieces of earthenware or china; even when some dishes are illustrated:

a dinner plate designed by the French cartoonist Jacques Faizant;

a “political” plate by the Canard Enchaîné cartoonist: Moisan;

a ramekin by the French cartoonist Trez.

Let us stay at the table, where the glass can be another medium for cartoon as well:

a set of glasses by the French cartoonist Bellus;

silk-screen printed bottles, specially designed for two vintages of the Saint-Pourçain wine(at left: by the Swiss cartoonist Barrigue / at right: by the French cartoonist Mose).

After these classical materials, let us see plastic:

an ashtray by the French cartoonist René Caillé;

a ballpoint pen designed by the French cartoonist Cambon
for the association “Reporters Without Borders”.

Nowadays, one can easily wear cartoons:

a tee-shirt with a dental cartoon by the
British cartoonist Ralph Steadman;

a silk scarf with The Lovers, the famous characters
created by the French cartoonist Peynet.

Cartoons are even reproduced on metal mediums.

Issued in 1981, this medal - commemorating the French cartoonist Bosc shows one of his very famous antimilitarist cartoons, at reverse side.

Two pins with French presidents’ caricatures: François Mitterrand and Charles de Gaulle,designed for the weekly newsmagazine: L’Express.

A key ring with Peynet’s Lovers.

Of course, these lists of unusual cartoon mediums are by no means complete: in my former article I forgot to mention the records sleeves. So, any complementary suggestion is welcome.
Anyway do keep collecting cartoon books and papers as well; there they are at their best place!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The strange world of Virgil Partch (1916-1984)

In the series 'gag de poche' (Dupuis Belgium,1964), grouping masters of humor, there's a booklet I have, that's dedicated to Virgil "VIP" Partch , who was one America's most famous humourists.
His cartoons really have a 'fifties' look.

"Partch is primarily a black humorist with a boldly sardonic bite. While not especially original either in style or in range of humor. Partch's work is immediately identifiable and avoids the anonymity that befalls so many cartoonists. He has enjoyed a long and successful career because of his ability to be consistently amusing in a darkish vein."  (source The World Encyclopedia of Cartoons) Partch died in 1984 in a car accident.

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Monday, May 18, 2009

In Memoriam Paul Flora (Austria, 1922-2009)

Article by JMB & Jan

We received the sad news that Paul Flora, the great cartoonist, humanist, humorist and man, passed away shortly before his 87th Birthday on the night of 14 to 15 May 2009.

Flora was one of Europe’s most profiled illustrators since the 1960s. He worked for British newspapers The Times and The Observer as well as for Germany’s Die Zeit.
He was hailed especially for his illustrations of political events but also enjoyed drawing animals and fellow Tyroleans who he would portray as grumpy.
Flora was awarded the Great Honorary Silver Honour for Services for the Republic of Austria four years ago.

I have some books, where some of his cartoons are published in (such as Cartoon 56, Diogenes Verlag, Zürich, 1956) and Paul Flora is mentioned in Who's Who in Satire and Humor (and The World Encyclopedia of Cartoons. Jean-Marie pays a tribute by sending us the cover of a big series of cartoon books by Paul Flora out , some out of his collection.

out of Cartoons 56 - Diogenes, Zürich

out of Cartoons 56 - Diogenes, Zürich


Eulenspiegel, Berlin, 1977



1957 (1958)

1957 (1961)


1958 (1964)


Paris, 1960

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Burqa cartoons by Antoon Beuckels

A few months ago I wrote about 'Burki' cartoons (Raymond Burki, Swiss). As promised in the previous Burki article, I'll present to you some 'Burqa' (not Burki) cartoons, made by the Belgian cartoonist Antoon Beuckels.
With a theme such as the wearing of a burqa, Antoon does not find one idea but ten at once. This are some nice burqa cartoons out of his 2005 cartoon book.

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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Jugoslav Vlahovic - Yugo Wood

When Jean-Marie goes shopping, you may be sure he'll find some excellent books. In Serbia, he found this very nice cartoon book by Jugoslav Vlahovic for me. It's all about WOOD.

Jugoslav Vlahovic was born in 1949, Belgrade. He finished the Second Belgrade Gymnasium, theme for his final exam Tools and Machines for Wood Processing...He graduated from the Academy of Applied Arts in Belgrade where he is now a professor of Graphic (Book) Design. From 1976 he has been an illustrator-cartoonists and editor of NIN the foremost weekly news magazine in Belgrade. His drawings appeared in many Yugoslav journals and abroad including The New York Times, Wiener Journal, la Reppublica, Das Sonntagsblatt, l' Monde, Courrier International, etc. He had over 60 solo exhibitions. Vlahovic is the author of eight books of his own cartoons and one portfolio of graphic prints. He is the recipient of numerous awards and his works are several museums and collections.

In the introduction by Dragomir Antonic, I read:
"Jugoslav vlahovic approached the tree as a friend; he draws it simply and realistically, with usual strokes of a pencil or a brush. Everything is easy, carefree and visible with a naked eye... A hundred years ago Cika Jova Zmaj wrote down and charged Serbian children a rhyme "Wherever you find a proper place, plant a tree!".
Jugoslav Vlahovic listened to him. He created hundreds of drawings valuable of hundreds of stories. He proved that a tree has a soul. Today soul is utterly deprived of its rights and it is the biggest minority community on our planet. Save it until it is to late."

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