Saturday, May 30, 2009

U.C.O. – Unusual Cartoon Objects (part 2)

Article by JMB
alsee see: U.C.O. (part 1)

Formerly, we mentioned several various cartoon mediums: paper, pasteboard and cardboard. Now, let us see some much odder cartoon items, that I name U.C.O: Unusual Cartoon Objects.

Let us begin by a really original thing that I received at the Season’s Greetings 2006. It is a wall tile specially designed for this purpose by my friend Jean-Pierre Barnaud, a French architect and a cartoon lover.

A "greetings card" in ceramics (15cm x 15cm).

Much standard are the pieces of earthenware or china; even when some dishes are illustrated:

a dinner plate designed by the French cartoonist Jacques Faizant;

a “political” plate by the Canard Enchaîné cartoonist: Moisan;

a ramekin by the French cartoonist Trez.

Let us stay at the table, where the glass can be another medium for cartoon as well:

a set of glasses by the French cartoonist Bellus;

silk-screen printed bottles, specially designed for two vintages of the Saint-Pourçain wine(at left: by the Swiss cartoonist Barrigue / at right: by the French cartoonist Mose).

After these classical materials, let us see plastic:

an ashtray by the French cartoonist René Caillé;

a ballpoint pen designed by the French cartoonist Cambon
for the association “Reporters Without Borders”.

Nowadays, one can easily wear cartoons:

a tee-shirt with a dental cartoon by the
British cartoonist Ralph Steadman;

a silk scarf with The Lovers, the famous characters
created by the French cartoonist Peynet.

Cartoons are even reproduced on metal mediums.

Issued in 1981, this medal - commemorating the French cartoonist Bosc shows one of his very famous antimilitarist cartoons, at reverse side.

Two pins with French presidents’ caricatures: François Mitterrand and Charles de Gaulle,designed for the weekly newsmagazine: L’Express.

A key ring with Peynet’s Lovers.

Of course, these lists of unusual cartoon mediums are by no means complete: in my former article I forgot to mention the records sleeves. So, any complementary suggestion is welcome.
Anyway do keep collecting cartoon books and papers as well; there they are at their best place!

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