Friday, August 14, 2009

Paris cartoons: Ciel , mon Paris! Heaven, my Paris! by Serge Ernst

This week I visited Paris. As always, Paris is a great city. What I didn't notice between al the tourist stalls and the thousands of little Eiffel Towers was this nice cartoon book (1990) by Serge Ernst. This cartoon book should be available easily for tourists in Paris. You can't imagine a funnier souvenir of that city... that's my opinion.
Ernst is a comic strip artist, but he published many cartoon albums too. Later on I'll present to you his series 'Clin d'oeil', a series of 8 cartoon albums. But for now: Ciel, mon PARIS! A cartoon book with superb Paris cartoons, some of which a little erotic .

The Eiffel Tower

Centre Pompidou

Place Pigale (red light district...) and Notre Dame

compare with the cartoon above...

At the 'Place Vendôme' you'll find the world's most finest juwelry... but unfortunately not affordable to me.

Cartier Juwelry at the place Vendôme?

Competitor Chanel... (watch the lamppost
reflected in the glass and compare
with the cartoons above)

Of course I visited the famous 'Place du Tertre' where I admired different artists and caricaturists.

Serge Ernst drew it that funny way:

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