Sunday, August 2, 2009

Catch 'n' scratch... a cartoon book for... cats

Mark Doeffinger (USA) saw our discussions of the uses of cartoons in media other than newspapers and magazines.So he was so kind to send us his book for cats, which is essentially a cartoon book for cats with a fur to scratch. The pages following the cover include: a ball of yarn, a spider, a chair, a bird and a rug.

The material at the back of the book protrudes through a hole in the cartoon just as in the cover. Mark told me cats will actually play with the ribbon on the cover and scratch at the fur, especially if you soak the fur in Catnip (=A hairy aromatic perennial herb - Nepeta cataria - in the mint family, native to Eurasia and containing an aromatic oil to which cats are strongly attracted.). But the book is mainly a gag gift for cat owners.

Mark added this instructions: "I hope your cats enjoy it. When the cats are near, just throw the book on the floor. The cat's natural curiosity may get them to play with the book."

Last weekend we found 2 young kittens in our garden... and I couldn't wait to experiment with the book... (our older cat Kiara took part in the experiment too).

The results:
Let's say... they didn't play longtime with the book, but long enough for me to take some nice pictures. Actually they were more interested in a little ball and liked more playing soccer (but I didn't use Catnip).

It's a nice gift for cat owners and I enjoyed myself with the book and cats!
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