Saturday, February 7, 2009

L'Effet Burki - 128 drawings by Raymond Burki (Swiss)

Raymond Burki is a Swiss (press) cartoonist, born in 1949.
Before I started working on this article, I googled 'burki cartoon' . Google asked if I meant 'burka cartoon' (1). No mr. Google: I really meant BURKI.
(1) note concerning 'burka cartoon': I'll show you some burka-stuff in another post.

I found this book by accident on the Braderie de Lille a few years ago. I think I paid only 8 euro for it. I didn't know Burki before, but browsing through the book, I immediately was convinced of his talent. The book was published in 1988 (Edit. 24 heures, Lausanne).It shows 128 drawings of Burki, published in '24heures', the paper Burki still draws for, during the eighties.

It almost Valentine's day... this Burki cartoon is from 1986.
"Il y a seulement de la malchance à n'être pas aimé;
il y a du malheur à ne point aimer."
(Albert Camus)

1986: catalic convertor issue in Swiss

1987: genetic manipulation

1986: this time it' serious: France and Great Brittain
will get theirChannel tunnel.

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