Friday, February 20, 2009

Fashion (and cartoons) - Alexsandro Palombo - Vanitas, Inshallah

This week I received a press release:

Available in the best bookstores as from March 2009

aleXsandro Palombo
XI years of dreamlike color

The fashion world portrayed in the incisive and brilliant illustrations of aleXsandro Palombo in a poetic and colorful universe, surreal and provocative in a new book in the series "Chic et Simpliciter" from Hazard Editions. The first catwalk-book ever.
VANITAS, INSHALLAH is a veritable illustrated tale, extravagant and provocative right from the title. The main character of this adventure is Vanitas , a clown who lives with joy and passion, between dreams, memories and reality. He loves travelling, art and culture. His gaze is able to capture the vices and virtues of our society and unmask the misdeeds of our times. His stories are full of irony and provocative, poetic and moving, making you both smile and think. His duty is to distribute dreams, yet he will have to face life’s snares.

The world of fashion becomes the set imagined by the author which brings together characters and celebrities, thoughts and surreal hypotheses, precognitions and fantasies, in a series of incisive and exceptional illustrations characterized by an amazing sense of colour.

This publication is a fascinating fresco of our society, its passions, its hopes and disappointments, its amusing aspects, its suffering and its contradictions. It shows Palombo, the story-teller and illustrator of anecdotes, who uses the simple language of dreams, of fervid and captivating fantasies, original and profound, while always retaining that ungraspable and unique element which characterizes the author’s style. A journey between the real and surreal which opens our minds and takes us into the poetical imagination of one of the most original and surprising artists of the Italian and international scene.

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